Holy Site Hits Batman!

So it appears today that my post titled Vladimir received a lot of views. I do not know why, but it would seem the people like my discussion of League of Legends (or maybe it’s just the mention of him being a vampire *shrug* who knows.

So, let’s try and figure it out shall we? If you see this message, let me know which you prefer.

In League of Legends, my user name is Dorenduil, contact me if you want to team up. I do well playing Ryze, Warwick, and Xin Zhao. However, I have tried out a good many other champions, and have not liked, or didn’t do well with them.

I read the Anita Blake series of books, and got interested in the varying powers of vampires, and found this much more interesting then the plain, monotenous view of vampires from movies and books revolving around the myth of Dracula. I at first liked the Anita Blake series, though near the end, I stopped reading because they simply became nothing more than literary pornography. I like some plot twists, not werewolf twists. If you catch my drift. I like to put my interests in these matters, and many others, into my own writing.


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