So, last night I saw a new line-up of free to try champions in League of Legends. I saw one of them was a champion I have long since wanted to play, but costs so many Influence Points in game that I’ve never unlocked it. Vladimir is essentially a vampire. He has a few abilities that use health to cast, and deal magic damage as well as return life to him. Also, his passive ability helps him excel, by simply stacking health and ability power. Every time he boosts either, the other is boosted by a small percentage as well. I didn’t want to try him out in an actual game, because as would be expected, perhaps I’d suck at him, and cause our team to lose because I wasn’t pulling my weight, and essentially feeding the opponent. So I tried against computer run foes, and did quite well. Tonight or tomorrow, perhaps, I’ll try against players. I still enjoy Warwick, and got some matches in with him, but I think I have found, in Vladimir, a tank I could really enjoy.

On another note though, this gives me an idea for a group of characters, and perhaps even a class, for my own story idea. A tank/mage that uses health to cast, and  has life steals and massive damage dealing potential? Would be epic. They did something like it in Shadowbane, after I stopped playing it, but I didn’t much like it. They didn’t make it into a class, but rather added a vampire race, that used health to cast no matter what class you chose. Warriors using health for special abilities, and not having self healing capability? Seems suicidal to me. However, perhaps a class that’s simply for the purposes of being vampire like. Perhaps …. Blood Reaper. They use health to cast spells, could fight with physical abilities, or even, as Vladimir does in League of Legends, have an auto cast spell that doesn’t cost anything, it’s just like an auto-attack for any other character. Champions did it, why not anyone else? Sure it brings up the idea that, how do they cast without the use of mana, or some other power source. The answer? The same way an archer shoots without using up arrows… Yea… Think about that…

Anyway, that’s my idea, and I think I’m gonna run with it. It could be something I shot into a game version, should this see a game version, but nonetheless, will introduce at least one character with this idea, in my story.


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