Warwick: The Blood Hunter

So, as I mentioned in my last gaming post, I unlocked, in League of Legends, Warwick. He is a werewolf-esque kind of champion, and really fun to play. His passive ability is that he steals health with each attack, causing himself to heal as he fights. It’s a small base amount, but it functions great when I pair it with a life steal item at the start of a game. When a foe that is near death is nearby, Warwick runs and attacks faster, and has an ability he can use to temporarily boost his attack speed as well. All in all, I think Warwick is one of the best champions in the game, and I’ve enjoyed playing him. Even in a game I lost, I got nearly 20 kills. The only reason I lost was because the rest of my team couldn’t manage kills in the double digits, much less approaching 20.


Warwick inspires me to go more in depth with the werewolves in my story, which haven’t yet been introduced in the chapters I have written. Still, the idea is in my head, and I have a lot of info on the chapters to come brewing and forming for when I get to that point. I might even bring in a cross breed, of sorts. Don’t quite know how to refer to it really, but the concept is essentially, a werewolf that has bitten something other than human. So it’s still a werewolf, but it’s not half wolf, half human, it’s…. half wolf, half orc…. =P And then, there’s also the idea of a vampire turning a Drow…. And of course, how it all ties in to Kyo. I don’t want to go into too much more depth; don’t want to spoil anything. So, I’ll leave it at that for now. Huzzah! And to the drawing (or rather, writing) board!


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