Gaming Update

For the past few weeks, my personal computer has been out of service. My harddrive got fried, but it lasted me a while. Longer then usual, though my father would complain it didn’t last long enough. Mainly because he used computers in the business end of things for so long, and before personal computers existed. Computers, once personal ones were around, lasted for him for a good long while, mainly because he wasn’t using it with the system demanding technology that exists now, and was mainly only used as a storage for digital data. My computer lasted 7 years before the harddrive fried. Now, I’m stuck on a laptop at home that can barely handle the games I play, till I receive word back from a friend who can send me a custom built computer. It’s not brand new, but it’s better than the computer that just died.

Till then, I have not been able to access the games I play to the fullest, especially WoW. Without the numberpad, I dare not play as a tank. With the limited graphic capability, there are a few places I can’t even go to. (I crash in Deepholm, and at one point, was crashing in The Lost Isles)

I’ve been playing League of Legends more so since this occurance, because it doesn’t require much from the computer. It’s fun, and just last night I unlocked a new champion to play as, and look forward to running around as a Werewolf-esque champion.

Hopefully soon, however, I’ll have the new(er) computer, and be able to log into WoW using a real keyboard, and not have to worry about using my mouse to click powers, instead of using their hotkeys. I’m anxious to get a character to 85, and start trying out the dungeons and raids.


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