Game Mechanics: Crafting

So, I’m sitting in the office, and it’s slow at the moment, so I’m thinking back to what I was doing last night in WoW. I was playing my Rogue in Vashj’ir for a while, till I got bored playing alone, so I switched to my Warrior and played with a friend. I worked with both of their professions at points in the night, and I noticed how much better they worked the crafting with this latest expansion. I remember, at earlier levels, avoiding making certain items (even though these items could be the most beneficial for quicker leveling of the profession) simply because they didn’t have the stats I would like to have for my character. I made a few items, that had random stats decided by a chance roll upon creation of the item, with Leatherworking on my Rogue, could use all of one of them, but the rest I was able to give to guild members or store in the guild bank. On my Warrior, he’s still in that lower level stage. I finally got him into Outland level Blacksmithing, and I bit my lip, and just made items that I knew I couldn’t use, which resulted in simply vendoring, because no one needed it in the guild. This “Random Enchantment” option, as it is called in the crafting window for my Leatherworker, I think is a great idea, and should have been retroactively added to the items all the way back to level 1.

But that’s my opinion.

Anyway, this also  brings me back to thinking of one of my ideas for the story I’m writing, should it be brought into a game format as well. Crafting including customization. The ability to choose from a list of looks for an items, so you can not only get the stats you want, from the random enchantment, but also the look you want, so you can make your character look uniform like the NPC guards, and not look like a hodgepodge of spiked pauldrons, flat boots and gloves, and jagged, icy chestplate and leggings. But maybe that’s the role-player in me talking.


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