Era of Unification

This is the title of the story I am writing. At least, this is the title that I’ve decided on for the time being. I’m still sketchy on it, but here’s my reasons behind it.

The story opens with the prologue telling the tale of a covert ops group sent into enemy territory to retrieve data from a computer system, and then destroy the facility with a bomb. However, the team is discovered before they can finish. They manage to wire the stolen information over a radio signal back to their home, and then set off the bomb manually taking out themselves with the whole building. This however starts a chain reaction that causes a whole foundry to explode, which causes ripples of devastation across the world. Eventually, over time, the whole world is lost in destruction, and nuclear winter sets in. A group of surviving people seek to restore the world. More seriously? They go crazy, and start praying to any and all deities, hoping one exists and will answer their pleas for another chance, and the ability to restore the world.

They are answered by the Fae, ancient guardians of the cosmos and all aspects of life created by the gods. They are taught magic by the Fae, and able to survive through magical creation of food and water. After a few years, they manage to create a portal, and assume they are to step through and find a new home where they will have their second chance. However, this is not a portal for passage to, but passage from. The world they were on was reformed in the image of many other worlds pulled from the other side. However, with all things, there must be balance. All sorts of good things were brought through, and as fate must be, so were evil things pulled through. Yami, a master demon, passed through the portal, with many of his followers, and set up their home in the dark reaches of the north-west. Though initial battle pushed him away from this area, he was still ever present in the world, and worked his corruption throughout the world, in efforts to take over.

Eventually, the people of this new world, brought over from various other worlds, gain an understanding of eachothers time, referring to all time lines pre-existing their arrival into this world as the Segregation Eras(SE), and refer to these years in decreasing numbers. (i.e. the year 46 SE would be 46 years before the end of Segregation, or 46 Before Unification[BU])

Initial Hostilities cause some troubles in the fight against Yami, but soon enough, Unification is a worldwide philosophy strived for, and the people are able to focus on dealing with Yami. However, they soon find out that Yami is not the only danger in the world, and that it may take a great amount of time before he is dealt with.

I will be posting up pages to give some more info on the story, and eventually will post the chapters. All of this is copyrighted to me, however.


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